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I’m Georgina, 

a reliable and friendly professional offering help with all your dog training and behavioural needs, dog walking and pet sitting. Covering Walthamstow, Chingford and surrounding areas. I specialise in treating your pet as an individual, tailoring my services accordingly. I’ve worked with many different dog breeds and I am experienced with dogs requiring sensitive handling –puppies, older dogs or those with a tendency to be nervous or anxious. I am a qualified behaviourist and dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I own three dogs. One of which led me in to training as a behaviourist. Chase who is part of my logo was a very nervous and fear reactive puppy as he got older he was getting worse something as a family we had never experienced even though we have had dogs all our lives. We tried many things and finally found a perfect route through scientifically proven reward based training. He has come on leaps and bounds and is so much more relaxed and happy. Your dogs happiness and and wellbeing is at the core of our training techniques. We never use methods which cause harm, pain or fear as this only supresses the behaviour, instead we work out the causes and give you the skills to work out any issues you may be having. I’m also fully insured, DBS checked and pet first aid trained.




Solo & group dog walking available in Walthamstow, Chingford and surrounding areas. I am also available to walk reactive and nervous dogs with extra care and attention, (please call to discuss further). If you'd like your dog to be walked in any particular places, and would like to request a tailored walk, this can also be done on request.

60 minute solo walk £18.00 per hour

60 minute group walks £14.00 per hour 

Multiple dogs from same household please contact for price


Does your puppy need visits throughout the day?


Whether you're at work or have a one-off requirement, I'm able to visit your puppy to let them out for the toilet, provide love and attention, mental enrichment and play to tire your puppy out.


Multiple sessions in one day available upon request.

60 minutes £18.00

Longer/Shorter visits available upon request (custom price)


Whether you need on-going visits or a one-off request, I offer dog sitting and visits for dogs that may be left at home. Whether it be an old dog, one who needs checking on or extra care following a procedure, I'm available to come and let your dog out for the toilet, give some company, love and attention,  some play and mental enrichment suitable to them.

60 minutes £16

Split sessions and longer/shorter visits available upon request (custom price)


Are you going away and need someone to take extraordinary care of your pet? Is your​ pet recovering from a procedure or just needs some extra love, care and attention?


 I'm able to come and give them some company, a fuss and make sure they are happy and fed.​

Cat visit prices dependent on duration and location.

Please contact me for more information.

Dog and puppy Training.

We offer 1-2-1 dog training for a range of issues or basic training. From puppies to OAP's and every pooch in between.

We offer scientifically backed positive reinforcement methods.


Dog Behaviour


Initial consultation

2 x 1 Hour sessions


1 Hour follow up sessions



Dog Training


Initial consultation

2 x 1 Hour sessions



Single 1 Hour session


If you book in blocks of 

2 x 1 Hour 


3 x 1 Hour


4 x 2 Hour


5 x 1 Hour



Puppy Packages

Help to get the basics in for the best start for you and your pups training journey.

2 x 1 Hour Sessions




  • Level 3- Learning motivation and Reinforcement IMDT

  • Level 4 - Canine Training and Behaviour consultation IMDT

  • Level 5 - Canine Behaviour Analysis and Application IMDTB

  • Career as a Dog Trainer

  • Practical Instructor Course

  • Puppy Perfect

  • Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns

  • Learning Theory

  • Loose Lead Master Class

  • Recall Master Class

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

  • Canine Adolescence

  • Red Flag Behaviours - Canine Emotional Health


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